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similar attacks in the past few days. three students were assaulted and robbed in the parking lot. august 29th another group of three students was assaulted and robbed by five suspects at a bus stop. police aren't sure if it's the same suspect or different suspects attacking the students, but the fact that the suspects aren't afraid to attack a grupp of people is even more disturbing. >> so that's why it was kind of hard to be because usually there is a bunch of people, something would happen or somebody would step in because everybody is out around that time. >> i guess you have this mentality it's not going to happen to you but clearly it could happen to anyone and it has so it is pretty frightening. >> one 15-year-old has been arrested in connection with one of the attacks although authorities believe there are more suspects out there. roosevelt leftwich, abc 2 news. . take a look at this exclusive video. this was the scene at the kings point shopping center at ran dolls point. the man attacked one of their officers and struggled to get
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his gun. that's when a second officer pulled up and hot the suspect twice in the chest t man is in critical but stable condition tonight as police continue their investigation. little is known about the suspect or why he might have attacked that officer. >> the subject appeared to be emotionally disturbed, he was distraught, attacked the officers, both of the officers involved in the incident are now on routine leave pending the outcome of the investigation. with the nation's unemployment rate inching up to 9.6% there's 15 million people out of work this labor day. jeff haeger shows us how desperate it's become with one of them. >> reporter: with his buttoned down shirt, tie, sneakers david carrter bay started his day promptly at 8:00 in the morning on the median strip below charles avenue. >> people will come and try to give me bags of food and stuff. it is not me physically being hungry. >> no, david isn't homeless, he
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is jobless, what he can scrape together to pay his bills doesn't leave enough to actually live on. >> hello. how you doin'. >> i'm great, thanks. i don't have a whole lot but -- >> god bless you for your positive thoughts, always had a job, easy for me to get a job. >> at 52 years old he has spent most of his life in baltimore doing construction work, carpenter and welding as well as taking a turn as a barber. after spending 9 months with his wife and 14-year-old son in a shelter he could no longer wait to put those skills to use. that's when he got the idea for a street appeal. recalling the generosity of people when he served as a bell- ringer for the salvation army during the holsey son. >> people will give. you know. people will give. what they see is -- people will give, i just have to be bold enough to put my business out there, you know. i mean it's -- and asking, you know, my wife, is asking "i
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don't have nothing to be ashamed of, i'm not on drugs, trying to do this, i'm trying to help my family." >> reporter: while he is trying to make ends meet he is also advertising to land janitorial work. he is not helpless, he hopeful. even if this is his only work for now. >> my wife and my son look up to me, you know, and that is where very inspiring to me. >> reporter: jeff haeger, abc 2 news. here is what david carrter bay and others are up against. the unemployment rate has topped 9.6% for 16 months which is reportedly the longest stretch in 30 years. they believe when companies do start hiring again job seekers were specialized skills and education will have plenty of opportunities, they expect job openings to fall into two main categories, professional fields like lawyers and research scientists, the second category is made up of lower paying jobs, health care aids and
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store clerks. they say moderately paid positions like factory and office administrators are going to be harder to come by. abc 2 wants to help you get back to work. you can log onto our web site at any time,, and click on the back to work under money section. finding work and tips to help you get hired. . >> weather wise, just a gorgeous labor day 2010, doesn't get much better. hope you had the holiday off and you got outside and enjoyed some of this weather. you still have time to do it. temperatures still looking good. 82 at ann arbor now a as the big game battles on. tight match maryland and navy. we can see times, few clouds nulling in the far western neighborhood. out towards fringeville and the yak a gamey river. 80s, a few clouds, looking great as we wrap up the big game downtown, crab bowl sunset 7:31 tonight and early peek at
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tomorrow. hour by hour through the day, talking about sunshine, nice day getting warmer out there. that does not hold up all week. another blast of fall air coming down the pike. if that arrives, we'll tell you in a couple minutes. christian. >> i was talking about a big rivalry hits the turf today. only the second time in 45 years the naval academy and the university of maryland football teams are squaring off today in baltimore. abc 2's disco, don harrison, live at m and t bank stadium in downtown baltimore, quite an atmosphere out there today, disco? >> reporter: it really is, let me tell you christian. they presold 64,000 tickets, they expect another 4,000 to walk in and buy tickets. that's about 68,000. they are used to having 71,000 for a sold out game, i was in there earlier in the game and it looks full. that's more people than either team are used to having in a home game but believe me behind me there is a stadium full of people having fun.
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the fans are all set. >> how about the terps. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: the players are psyched. all in all it's a freight day for a game. people really like the idea of these two teams getting together. >> they played a couple years ago, it's an excellent game, maryland won so navy is ready to return the favor this year. i can see this budding into an annual thing, would be a great deal for the area. >> reporter: >> we think it represents a good rivalry. he is a vice president with the ravens, he is doing all he can to make this cross town rivalry a reality. >> i think every three years would be a perfect thing for both programs, not too often but not much time in between. both classes would get a chance to play each other over the course of their four years while they are there. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: hopefully there can be a continuation of the maryland terrapins and the navy goats getting together on the football field but there's one
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nagging question i couldn't get answered. in the animal kingdom what's more scary, the turtle or the goat. >> terrapin is much scarier. >> absolutely the goat. the goat will stomp a turtle to death in a heartbeat, in an instant. >> reporter: i'm telling you christian if i was walking through the woods and came from a turtle or a goat i don't think i would need any protection or a gun. i would walk away from the turtle will and go over and pet the goat. but a lot of people having fun, i think the score is 4-7 maryland in the second half. so hurry up and get out of there, come on christian, come outside and see the finish. >> thanks a loot disco. >> okay. >> we're just over a week away from the maryland primary, now vandals have attacked political signs in the pikesville area. the middle was sliced out of 10 signs for a council candidate. they were placed along the roads, the signs are for sherrie becker for an open 2 couple seat. police are investigating. the maryland attorney general
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is warning the public about deceitful and misleading campaign literature. doug governance letter issued a statement saying some brushes falsely imply several candidates have beene endorsed by state and local leaders. other handouts have been print. they are not. the attorney general says complaints about deceptive practices will be investigated. some baltimore city students are putting their best foot forward. the empowerment temple church gave away more than 3,000 pairs of brand new shoes for kids. it's all in an estimate to accepted them back to school in style. every lit built helps. one out of four youths in baltimore has to fight the odds against gang activity. teen pregnancy, poverty, even youth homocide, the empowerment temple wants to reward positive behavior. local shoe stores and nfl players pitched into donate the shoes for students in second grade all the way up through high school. . low prices, big offers, some ads are just too good to pass up.
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but sometimes they are also too good to be true and they leave you handing over more money. we've got tips and tricks you need to know about. plus it's all in the tongue. literally. we take a look at the latest technology helping people with spinal chord injuries to get around. meteorologist wyatt every heart, 82 degrees, no rain, try stretch. your forecast winner is todd stevens from lit couple heights, that's exactly what we had forecast today by the way. blue skies, but will they hold up much longer? we'll have that answer straight ahead.
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sunshine . you're watching the station that works for you, abc 2 news at 6:00.
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. well everybody has fallen for it at some point, deceptive ads which lure you in with big promises and joce sterman has some tips to help you through the hype in this week's scam alert. >> reporter: from infomercials that claim you can earn thousands from home to advertising which is only to switch it up. we have all let deceptive ads suck us in. >> you to have take a breath, not respond emotionally. >> reporter: they know it's easier said than done but she is arming you with tips to resist the top four pitches. number 1 false promises that sound too good to be true. >> that shouldn't be the primary eason you buy that item. good chance you'll be disappointed. >> promises for free trials turn into subscriptions and offers that come with an up front fee. barnett says bewarey of ad trick number 2, the bait and switch where you see a low price advertised but end up
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paying much more. >> do some comparison shopping because this price is really low compared 0 all the others that's a good indicator we may not get what you are actually expecting. >> to avoid the bite and switch ask for an estimate when the service provider walks in. if it is higher that in advertised send them packing. the test menial are deceptive ad trick. >> a tool better business uses, we find a testimonial, we cut and past, but that in to the internet and it's amazing all the other products and websites that pop up using that same testimonial. >> reporter: she says don't buy those success stories unless you have heard them from someone you know and trust. and that doesn't count celebrities whose images are often used without their consent. that also goes for big brands, companies like mcdonald's and walmart often have their logos used even when they have no ties to what's being sold. >> no seals are deceptive ad trick number 4.
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>> sometimes you find going to the websites of these companies they'll actually post these scams and tell you outright "we're not part of it." and if you don't want to be on the losing end of a deceptive ad do the whom work and don't believe the hype. joce sterman, abc 2 news. the baltimore ravens start the season 1 week from tonight up in new york against the jets, they are going to have another offensive weapon at their disposal. they have agreed in principle to a one year contract with j.t. houshmandzadeh, he adds dealership 24 to the ravens who have injuries at the receiver position. e.s.p.n. also reporting that the ravens have now traded receiver mark clayton to the st. louis rams. now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> they have got a game down at m and t bank today, tight game. >> exciting news for the ravens. we're thinking about the crab bowl right now, what's their -- >> crab cakes and football,
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that's what maryland does. >> down in baltimore today. >> yeah. >> this is just awesome. tied up 14-14, check it out. these dragon boats are going to huddle up here christian, run a play or something. but we're definitely looking at a nice downtown for the big game. huge crowd, great day to tailgate, 80 degrees right now, humidity 47% and winds light and southeast at 8 miles per hour. not enough wind to affect the kicking game, at least it shouldn't. and i do want to show you some of those highs today, again it was pretty balmy out there, many spots into the lower 80s, but before i even or after i even get into that lets show you a couple other spots of interest. annapolis 77 degrees right now, and we take you down to college park, 83, warm degrees there, so you get the idea. you know. the hottest weather around is down at the park. or down at the stadium, rather. we've got some blue skies out there, partly cloudy through the day but oh, man, i tell you just low humidity, refreshing,
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great looking weather, a lot of boats out and about on this holiday labor day. we like to see that humidity. something else we like to see, when that humidity is nice and low, that's exactly where we've got it now. 47%. dewpoints down below 60, so awfully comfortable out there, bone dry out in western maryland, down to 30, each 24% at deet rick lake. winds light generally out of the south, helped to warm things up a little. the last couple days, chill in the air, early in the morning, nice rebound back into the 80s, lots of sunshine, culprit with that out through west virginia, there is a little bit of cloud cover but not much. we're looking good. across the entire east coast clear as a bell. we do have a couple of areas of high pressure, one over the tennessee valley, one probably the more influencing our weather at the moment is the one off of new england right here. causing a little bit of a south wind flow to develop, brings in that milder air and gets rid of
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that northerly breeze we had the last coupled days. dry and mild, the next couple days, gets warm earn beings wednesday evening cooler air will begin to funnel in again. we're going to go back and forth, getting to be that time of year where the air masses battle it out. few clouds tonight, end of the day tomorrow, more of those beautiful blue skies, postcard skies, deep blues, then into our tuesday and wednesday time frame, our next front hard to make it out here, begins to edge in wednesday morning, really want to ride the cool air until later in the afternoon, back into the mid-to upper 80s, quickly cooling off wednesday night. that's for sure. tropics heating up a little bit again, what was once tropical storm gas tone still kind of looking ominous out here over the tropics, this could redevelop. we have a 70% this could become a trough tropical storm off of puerto rico. take you off to the west coast. we now have tropical storm her mean expected to make landfall later tonight and in the early
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hours. not going to have much chance to strengthen into a hurricane, local flooding down there in south texas. back here overnight, 60, generally clear skies, beautiful night for a game number 2 down at the m and t bank stadium, then tomorrow we're talking about 87, mostly sunny and great looking day tomorrow night. 67, partly cloudy, and your seven-day forecast, here is the setup, a nice couple of warm days here, tuesday into wednesday, wednesday night gets windy and colder, thursday and friday another shot of fall back down in the upper 70s, next chance for rain holds off until at least sunday. i'm thinking navy kristen, where you at, where you coming down. >> i thought navy going in so i'll stick with them. >> okay. >> don't want to upset the maryland folks there. coming up at 11:00 last week we told you the disturbing story of a woman attacked with acid seemingly at random. another woman is suffering from another acid attack. but police say nothing random about it.
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you don't think of the term red neck as a concept but there is a festival where there is no greater honor than being a redneck for the day. those stories tonight at 11:00. workers are handing over more money this year for health care insurance. new survey shows workers are paying 14% more in 2010 for coverage than they did in 2009. according to a new survey and the health research and educational trust the amount employers are playing towards health care shank over the past year leaving employees to make up the difference. for people with spinal cord injuries they can be sometimes impossible. now engineers are working on a few way to operate a powered chair to mike it easier for these patients to get around. susan hendrix reports. >> reporter: cruz some gel can't use his arms or legs. diagnosed as a quadriplegic after a ski boarding accident
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he is confined to a wheelchair. since he joined a clinical trial at georgia tech school of electrical and computer engineering he can now control his wheelchair by using his tongue. known as the tongue drive system participants are first taught to exercise their tongue moves by using computer games. once they master the movements researchers attach a small magnet to the tongue. it works like a mass cat with the tongue as a curser. it moves the tongue forward that causes the wheelchair to move forward. move the tongue backwards the wheelchair goes into reverse. >> one of the major advantages of tongue is that it is directly connected to the brain. person who has even highest level of spinal cord injury can move his or her tongue like me and you. >> reporter: unlike other powered wheelchairs that rely on a sip and puff method such as the one used by christopher reeve this one only use test headset and tongue chip which
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is less con fick just for the user. i'm susan hendrix. >> hope it can work out for some people. really a nice day out there in baltimore. today much more on abc 2 news when we come right back. . >> storm gear and promotional consideration provided by l.l. bean.
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget,
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the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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. hugs make is world go round, according to some kids in salt lake city they do. free hugs. looks up, no shortage of people. taking advantage of all the love the teens said they got the idea from a movie and decided to give it a try. and high fives were also free in salt lake city. >> you know, we have seen it all christian. >> we have been talking about the game down in at mc bank. boise state and virginia tech. >> nice weather all evening long. the hokie nation is here too tailgating for their big game later but in the meantime knotted up, tie battle, maryland-navy, 70s, a few clouds, sunset. playing under the lights. they hope they take on the smurf turf boys, warmer into the up epidemicker 80s -- >> that's all the time we have. i'm christian schaefer, thanks for joining us, we'll see you back here at 11:00. >> that's a good one.
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